_Whatever God plans will always come to fulfilment. When we let the Holy Spirit be our guide He will always help us to know what is God's will and also to act in accordance to His commandments.

The Holy Spirit led Simeon to the temple when the parents of Jesus came to present Him to the Lord. We can always achieve more when we let the Holy Spirit direct our path. We must let Him rule and reign in us and He will help us to keep God's commandment and abide in Him.

_When Simeon held Jesus in His hands, the light of the the Lord shone upon him and he saw what others could not see and said what made the parents of Jesus to marvel. God's glory does not depend on your size but it falls upon those who have disposed themselves to receive it._

We must learn to follow Jesus who is the light so that He will show us the way to the Father. Light and darkness does not go together and whoever is in the light can never hate his brother or sister.

_Good morning dearest one. Smile😊and do have a splendid weekend. May Jesus fill your life with his light so that you will shine in the world for Him. Amen. *And May the Almighty God bless you: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.*_

Meditation: 1 John 2:3-11/Psalm 96:1-3,5-6/Luke 2:22-35

Watch-Word: He who loves his brother abides in the light

_*If you stay close to Jesus He will help you to get to your destination on time and make you to know things about the kingdom of His Father.*_