The truth is the truth and no matter how you try to hide it or cover it, it will always find a way to express itself. The gospel reading of today tells the story of how John came to suffer martyrdom for the sake of the truth. He was courageous at the face of death and he did not fear but with confidence witnessed for Christ with his blood.

If we are not ready to speak the truth and stand by it, we will not be able to please the Lord. As followers of Jesus we must be ready to witness for him in words and deeds for the Lord Jesus himself who is the way, the truth and the life witnessed for the Father with His life and gave us an example to follow.

John was killed for speaking the truth and we must be ready to die for the truth just as Christ died proclaiming the truth of God's kingdom. If we are afraid to speak the truth and die for it, then we will not be fit for the kingdom of God.

We may be persecuted and tortured for the truth, we may be crucified and killed for it, but we must never give up and become fearful of them and stop speaking the truth. We must not compromise and we should never give up on standing on the side of truth even when everyother person does otherwise.

We must also try to stay at alert always and do not make promises out of emotions so as to avoid regrets in the future. Only make promises you know you can keep and is in accord with what the Lord wants.

The world needs men and women who will be courageous to speak the truth and be ready to die for it. The world needs people who will not be afraid to tell the authorities and powers that be the truth to their face and be ready to face whatever comes. When we keep silence and refuse to speak the truth we become complicit to the evil that is being perpetrated.

The one who speaks the truth and stands by it is in the light and his courageous witnessing will help to bring change and transformation in our world that is being destroyed by lies and people who will rather hold unto their positions and status and see others suffer, than let go of it and lay down their life for the sake of those who have no one to speak for them.

Good morning dearest one. Smile😊as you begin your day and do have a splendid weekend. May Jesus give you the courage to speak the truth always and be ready to die for it. Amen. And may the Almighty God bless you: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Meditation: Leviticus 25:1,8-17/Psalm 67:2-3,5,7-8/Matthew 14:1-12

Watch-Word: The truth shall set you free.

Never refuse to speak the truth, because you want to please man. Speak the truth, die for it, please God and have heaven as your reward.