HE GUIDES US ALONG THE RIGHT PATH (Hebrews 13:15-17,20-21/Psalm 23:1-6/Mark 6:30-34)

HE GUIDES US ALONG THE RIGHT PATH (Hebrews 13:15-17,20-21/Psalm 23:1-6/Mark 6:30-34)

(Homily for Saturday 9 February, 2019)

Today marks the end of our long reflection with the letter to the Hebrews. This letter has provided us with a lot of spiritual insight especially on how best to move on in our daily Christian struggle. In the first place, we are being reminded in this letter that we have a priest who is capable of understanding everything we are passing through because He Himself has been in our condition and knows what it means to be in pain, experiencing sufferings and hardships.

This letter also has increased our knowledge and understanding of what theological virtues of faith, hope and love stand for. The true meaning of vertical and horizontal love, what hope calls for in our daily Christian lives.

This letter also called us to imitate the lives of our forefathers in faith and by so doing make every possible effort to leave behind wonderful legacies for the future generation.

After being nourished with all these insights and great wealth of spiritual knowledge from this letter, we are called upon today to offer God an ending sacrifice of praise, a verbal sacrifice that is offered every time we acknowledge His name. How we go about this praise and sacrifice to God is by doing good works and sharing our resources, our time, and talents with one another, with the community of brothers and sisters, in our families and the society at large.

For all these, as the reading of today suggests are the sacrifices that please God.
The issue of obeying our leaders both our religious and secular is something central in our Christian doctrine, in as much as they are not commanding us to do something evil because all authority comes from God. We should also be praying for them for wisdom, more insight and sense of direction so as not to lead astray the flock entrusted under their care.

As Jesus and His disciples went about doing good even at the expense of their own comfort just for the sake of the people of God, may we never relent in our daily struggle to do good and may our way of life be a magnetic force that attracts many to God. Dear brothers and sisters, let us also not to be afraid because we have a good shepherd who is ever ready to guide us in the right path even if we walk in the valley of darkness, along the rough paths of our present-day society,

let us not fear evil because, with His crook and staff, we are covered and are rest assured. Let us always rest our comfort and hope in Him.

Let Us Pray: Lord Jesus, help me to always praise you by the good works I do. May I make myself available always as your instrument. Amen.