IF ANYONE SERVES ME, MY FATHER WILL HONOUR HIM( 2Corinthians 9:6-10/Psalm 112:1-2,5-9/John 12:24-26)

IF ANYONE SERVES ME, MY FATHER WILL HONOUR HIM( 2Corinthians 9:6-10/Psalm 112:1-2,5-9/John 12:24-26)


(Saturday, August 10, 2019 Feast of Saint Lawrence, deacon and martyr)

The first reading today reminds us that those who sowed meagerly will also reap meagerly and that God loves a cheerful giver. The Lord has given us all the blessings and graces in life, so that we may use them for the benefit of one another, and not to serve our own selfish purposes and desires. What does that mean? It means that we should not be greedy or be haughty in life.

We must not think that all the power and glory, all the wealth and blessings we have in this world were due to our own might and power. All of these have in fact been entrusted to us by the Lord our God, to be shared with each other.

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Lawrence of Rome, a deacon of the 3rd century. St. Lawrence is known primarily for two features, which are reflected in our readings today: his care for the poor and his martyrdom. The history of Saint Lawrence is inspiring and affirming in our beliefs as Christians and Catholics – a remarkable man with remarkable faith and courage.

The readings fill us with direction and hope to encourage us to open our hearts both to others and the Lord. St. Lawrence was a deacon in the early church and was entrusted with the administration of the church goods and care of the poor. When facing certain death at the hands of the Roman Emperor, Valerian, he was wise enough to preserve the property of the Church by distributing amongst the poor. His courageous and heroic action of presenting the poor, diseased, and disabled as the true treasures of the Church sealed his fate. Lawrence’s solid faith was so clearly evident throughout his torture and final death.

What can we learn from his actions and faith? What can we do to protect the treasures of our Church? While most of us will never be in the position of being responsible for the physical property of the Church, we are, nevertheless, guardians of the many treasures. These treasures include our beliefs as well as those we serve. How have we safeguarded those vulnerable persons who are part of the Body the Church?

St. Lawrence showed us all, the people of God, that as Christians all of us need to be selfless and be humble, and be generous in our love and care for others, putting the will of God above everything else, and not allowing our personal desires and interests from interfering from our faith in God and from what we ought to be doing as God's faithful disciples.

Therefore, let us all renew our commitment to the Lord, by walking in the footsteps of St. Lawrence of Rome, holy deacon and martyr, that by emulating the faith and devotion which he once had in God, we too may be worthy to share the same everlasting inheritance and glory he has received for eternity.

Let Us Pray: Lord Jesus, give me the grace to serve you well here on earth so that you will honour me in your kingdom. Amen.