SAVE US LORD FROM SIN AND FROM THE ENEMY (Exodus 32:7-14/Psalm 106:19-23/John 5:31-47)

SAVE US LORD FROM SIN AND FROM THE ENEMY (Exodus 32:7-14/Psalm 106:19-23/John 5:31-47)


(Thursday April 4, 2019)

The first reading of today presents how ungrateful the chosen people were despite all that the Lord did to them, they decided to pay Him back by turning away from the living God to a golden image. We may condemn the chosen people for their wicked act but there are occasions when we play this ungrateful attitude to God despite all the good things we received from Him. One of the simplest ways to turn away from God is by living in sin. That is why the period of Lent is the best moment to turn from away from sin in order to establish a cordial relationship with God.

The chosen people broke their relationship with God through the worshipping of the golden image and God wanted to wipe them out saved the intervention of Moses. God instead of destroying them forgave them through the instrumentality of Moses. We are called in this first reading to learn from forgiving action of God so as to forgive those who offended us. Though forgiveness is a difficult virtue, we have to make an effort to learn it because it will merit us also God's forgiveness in turn. When we forgive, it shows a clear indication that we ourselves want to be forgiven either by God or by others. From this reading also, we learn from the intercessory role of Moses. Moses indeed was not involved in the crime of his people, but he stood before God begging Him not to carry out what He intended doing. He offered suggestions to God and God listened to Him. Imagine mere human assuming the role of an adviser to God. That is what good relationship between us and God can bring. Moses established a cordial relationship with and God was using Him and also listens to Him from time to time.

The case of today's reading is a good example. How often do we make other people's problems and intentions our prayer points? Sometimes it is good to play down on our own petition and pray for other peoples’ intentions and petitions, present them before God: the sick, the rejected of the society, the downtrodden, the physically challenged, the widows, the orphans, the less privileged, praying for those with family problems and those undergoing marriage crises, the barren women, pregnant women, those we are better off, and above all the sinners of our society and the faithful departed asking God to give them a share in His bosom.

Moses prayed and interceded for his people and God relented and repented from wiping them out. All we mentioned here are a few prayer points we can devote ourselves to. When we pray for others, God also attends to own needs. God cannot forget or abandon us when we are praying for others and present their intentions to God. Let us use this period not only to learn how to forgive but also to learn how to be generous to others in our prayer life. Let us not to be too selfish and whenever we come before God.

Let Us Pray: Lord Jesus, give me a heart that considers others and not just myself always. May your grace help me to remain steadfast. Amen.