_"he took the seven loaves and the fish, and having given thanks he broke them and gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the crowds. And they all ate and were satisfied; and they took up seven baskets full of the broken pieces left over."(Luke 15:36-37)_

_*I have attended various events in which food were served and we ate to our satisfaction and in most cases we are happy and at other times we may not be satisfied, because we will feel that there is something missing.*_

_No matter how we enjoy the parties and banquets of this mortal life, it can never be compared to what the Lord is preparing for us on the last day. We must long for it and prepare to partake of it by doing what is required of us._

_*The prophet Isaiah in the first reading tells us that the Lord of hosts is preparing for us on his mountain a banquet of rich food and that He will wipe away tears from every eyes. This is what Jesus will do at His coming and as we wait for Him, we must be joyful, for He must surely do it for us.*_

_In the gospel reading we see our Lord Jesus Christ out of His compassion heal the sick and fed the crowd that gathered to listen to His word. They had only seven loaves and two fish, but when He gave thanks and blessed it, it was more than enough for the people who were gathered and they ate to their satisfaction._

_*God's meal is the greatest and the sweetest. We must long to hear God's word daily and eat the Holy Eucharist to nourish our soul and to gain the spiritual strength and energy to persevere in this life until we get to heaven where we shall see Him face to face with the angels and saints.*_

_To be ready for the Lord's banquet you need to live a good life, hate evil, love good always and love your fellow human beings. You must desire and seek God with all your heart and you must also reject anything that does not bring glory to His name._

_*Good morning dearest one. Smile😊as you do your work and do have splendid day. May Jesus help you to be ready for the eternal banquet. Amen. And may the Almighty God bless you: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.*_

*Meditation:* Isaiah 25: 6-10/Psalm 23:1-6/Matthew 15:29-37

*Watch-Word:* In the Lord's own house shall I dwell for length of days unending.

_*Do good always and be ready for the Lord's banquet, because nothing in this life can compare with it.*_

(Wednesday of the 1st week of Advent. Cycle C)