There are things that we do not have control over in this life and as a result of that, we must try to rely on God and let His will be done, because God's ways are not the way of men.

This is what we see in the first reading of today. The story of Joseph and his brothers is one that teaches us not to look down on people, because the one you try to destroy today because of envy, wickedness and hatred may turn to be your saviour tomorrow.

Joseph teaches us to be good always even to those who have offended us. He had the opportunity to pay back his brothers evil for evil, but he forgave them and did good to them. This should be the kind of mindset and attitude we should possess, because it will help us to be like Jesus who did the same to those who crucified Him on the cross.

Joseph was seen by his brothers as nobody and they looked down on him and they did all they can to get rid of him not knowing that he will be the channel through which their lives will be saved. We must learn to treat people with respect and honour even if they do not measure up to our standard, because the one who is down today may be up tomorrow and when the table turns, the one who cried, may now be the one to rejoice.

God's plan for our life will always come to pass as we see in the case of Joseph, all we need to do is to remain steadfast even in difficult times and God's grace will help us overcome and our joy will be restored in due time.

In the gospel reading Jesus sends out the twelve apostles and gave them authority to go out and proclaim God's kingdom. He commanded them to cast our demons and heal every infirmity. This should be our mission, that is, to go out and proclaim God's love and mercy to all so that souls will be saved.

Good morning dearest one. Smile😊as you do your work and do have a wonderful day. May God help you to be kind and merciful to those who have offended you and may you preach God's love always. Amen. And may the Almighty God bless you: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Meditation: Genesis 41:55-57;42:5-7,17-24/Psalm 33:2-3,10-11,18-19/Matthew 10:1-7

Watch-Word: May your merciful love be upon us, as we hope in you, O Lord.

Do not look down on people, because your saviour may be among those you want to get rid of because of envy and jealousy.