_"When the wine failed, the mother of Jesus said to him, They have no wine. And Jesus said to her, O woman, what have you to do with me? My hour has not yet come. His mother said to the servants, Do whatever he tells you.”(John 2:3-5)_

_*It is always good in life to surround yourself with good people who will have your interest at heart, instead of having too many friends, but they are attached to you selfishly because of what they get from you and not necessarily because of the value or impact they make in your life.*_

_The story of the Gospel reading of today is the famous wedding at Cana where Jesus performed His first miracle at the Intercession of our Blessed Mother the Virgin Mary._

_*We could learn so much from the reading. First the couple were kind enough to invite Jesus and his disciples. Our Mother Mary was also invited and these were the channels through which they were saved from being embarrassed.*_

_We must make sure that we constantly invite Jesus and our Blessed Mother in everything we do. In this way we shall have the blessedness of God's presence around us._

_*We must also extend our invitation to those who will not be able to pay us back, but who will pray for us and thank God on our behalf for allowing them to share in our joy.*_

_Whoever has Jesus as a brother and Mary as a Mother can never be in want. They will always make sure that you have all you need to be happy in this life and in the world to come._

_*Jesus performed this miracle at the request of His mother. Mother Mary's Intercession is powerful and efficacious and if you have her as your mother, you will definitely benefit from her maternal protection and care which is the best you can find anywhere.*_

_This miracle is the Lord's manifestation and revelation of His Son as our Savior and the beauty of it is that the celebrant did not even know what is happening behind the scene for His good. Jesus is constantly working behind the scene for us and we are enjoying the miracles He has worked. We must never take the blessings we receive on a daily basis for granted. Be grateful and give thanks to God for what you have._

_*Our mother Mary is also teaching us through her action to turn to Jesus with faith and believe that He can do something for us even at the last minute when all hope seems to have been lost.*_

_She also teaches to be sensitive to the needs of others. She would have kept quiet and allowed the couple to be put to shame, but her quick intervention made sure that their joy was not cut short. We must learn to be sensitive to the plight of others and see what we can do to put a smile on their face even when they cannot pay us back._

_*Jesus turned water into wine. It was new, it was fresh, it tasted different from what they have been drinking. This shows that He has come to give us new life (John 10:10), joy unlimited (Psalm 30:5), salvation, restoration, healing (Mark 6:56), upliftment, breakthrough, favour, strength, peace and divine security.*_

_If you have Jesus, you have all you need, because with Him abundance and surplus is guaranteed. He not only provides for you, He will do it in such a way that what you will get will be something extraordinarily beautiful and awesome. He is the God of Miracle and I firmly believe in Him._

_*Just as the prophet Isaiah says in the first reading, God will not keep silent nor rest for our sake until our vindication and salvation shines brightly as the torch. We shall be called by a new name which He will give. We must therefore, let God make use of us and His gifts in us to touch lives positively as our Mother Mary did in the wedding.*_

_Good morning dearest one. Smile😊as you begin your day and do have a beautiful Sunday. May Jesus do a new thing in your life this day may your joy increase. Amen. *And may the Almighty God bless you: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.*_

*Meditation:* Isaiah 62:1-5/Psalm 96:1-3,7-10/1 Corinthians 12:4-11/John 2:1-11

*Watch-Word:* Tell among all the peoples the wonders of the Lord.

*God's miracle comes in different packages. Open your eyes and you will see what thd Lord is doing for your sake.*

(Second Sunday in the ordinary time. Cycle C)