Genuine and authentic generousity is something that attracts divine blessings and opens doors for those those who practice it. What Abraham did to the angels by way of disinterested hospitality brought blessings of God upon His family.

Abraham in the course of His relationship with God has learnt what it means to do good. He had listened to God speak and He has acted in accordance to his will. When we spend quality time to listen to God and act in accordance to His will, we will definitely do good to others and the good we do to them will come to bring us good someday.

When you fail to be hospitable, kind and generous to others, you may end up missing out on the blessings that are due to get to anyone who performs such act. Therefore, do not let any opportunity to do good to others pass you by, do good gratuitously and your reward must definitely come to you.

The one who choose to do good will experience various degrees of discomfort. Infact, if you are not ready to make sacrifices, you will not be able to help others. Abraham sacrificed his comfort and seat for the visitors to sit. We must be ready to let go of something in order to do a good work.

Working hard is good and entertaining our guest is also good, but we must be careful not get distracted along the way like Martha did. She was busy trying to entertain Jesus, but she was missing out on His words which will give life to her soul. Mary in humility sat at the feet of Jesus and listened and her soul was fed by Jesus' Words. However, we must also not allow our sitting at Jesus' feet to make us not to work hard. We must create a reasonable balance between the doing of our work and the practice of our spirituality. Create time in your daily schedule to study God's word and feed your soul from His word. This should be our priority before every other thing and once we seek God first, His kingdom and His righteousness, every other thing shall be added to us.(Matthew 6:33). When you listen to God in prayer and through His word, you will have the wisdom, strength, inspiration and determination to go out and do good to others.

We must always learn to do the right thing at the appropriate time. Do not just do something because you want to do it, first of all ask yourself what actually does a person need before you give something, otherwise you may end up giving the wrong thing. Martha gave the right thing at the wrong time and Mary chose the good portion because she gave to Jesus what He needed most as He was heading to Jerusalem to face the cross, that is, some quiet and a good listening ear. Let us learn to welcome Jesus in our lives everyday, listen to Him and then go out to do good in His name.

Good morning dearest one. Smile😊as you begin your day and do have a joyful Sunday. May you find Jesus when you welcome Him and listen to Him. And may the Almighty God bless you: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Meditation: Genesis 18:1-10/Psalm 15:2-5/Colossians 1:24-28/Luke 10:38-42

Watch-Word: Mary has chosen good portion.

Do not be too busy with work that you will not be able to listen to the owner of our life who has every strategy that will help us succeed in life. Listen to the voice of God today!