The Christian life is a battle and if we are going to win and be victorious we must obey God's voice and act in accordnance to His will. One of the greatest weapon a soldier in a battle front has is to be alert always, this will help him to know when the enemy is about to strike and to cut him off. If we must win this battle we must be alert in the Spirit and fight.

No soldier who sleeps on duty or is distracted by frivolities will be able to win the battle. The enemy can strike at anytime and if one is not awake, you will not be able to defend yourself when you come under attack. This is the same when it comes to spiritual battle, we are soldiers of Christ and for us to win, we must let our loins be girded and our lamps burning, we must watch and pray at all times and we will not be taken unawares by the evil one whose primary aim is to see us fall and remain in the bondage of sin.

We are fighting a battle to live a holy life and if we remain conscious of who we are and the purpose why God made us to be in this life, it will help us to be able to defeat the devil and all his agents whose task will be to pull us down and make us to remain in sin. Jesus has defeated the devil on the cross and as such He obtained for us the grace of righteousness that will help us to live well for Him, therefore, we must stay connected to Him always in obedience so as to be able to overcome the power of sin and its control over us.

We stay awake when we let love of God and our neighbour be the primary aim of our existence. We stay awake when we do not join those who compromise the faith and try to practise a spirituality of convenience. We stay awake when we detest evil and stay away from people, places and things that will make us to disobey and offend God. We stay awake when we pray in season and out of season and be ready to proclaim Christ in words and deeds.

The Christian who is awake will always bear good fruits through the good works that he does. He will shine out as the light and his lamp will be burning everyday and people are going to learn from him and he will be a wonderful example and inspiration to everyone in the community. Do not let the evil one distract you from staying focused in your task here on earth, because time is short and if you fail to stay awake, you will not be able to finish your task before the master returns.

Today we celebrate the memorial of saint John Paul II (1920-2005) He was a pope with a good heart. His exceptional apostolic zeal for families, young people and the sick was very exemplary during his pontificate. He stayed awake in his responsibility until his death and inspired do many people through his teachings. We must learn from him to always be close to Jesus so that in Him we shall conquer all the we may experience in this life and make heaven on the last day.

Good morning dearest one. Smile😊as you do your work and do have a wonderful day. May God's grace help you to stay awake and to always proclaim His name. Amen. And may the Almighty God bless you: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Meditation: Romans 5:12,15,17-21/Psalm 40:7-10,17/Luke 12:35-38

Watch-Word: Blessed are those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes.

Never let anything distract you from staying focused, because only those who are awake and have their lamps burning will welcome the master when He returns.

(Tuesday of the 29th week in the Ordinary Time, Year C)