Our Lord Jesus told the parable of the dishonest steward in the gospel reading of today to teach us something about wisdom and prudence. The steward utilised the opportunity he had to do what he felt will make him not to be at a loss when he is put out of stewardship. Jesus was not praising the dishonest act, but reminding His disciples that they should apply wisdom and prudence in the things of God and the things that concerns the soul.

_*We must always apply wisdom as we follow Jesus and that will help us to take seriously the things of the spirit. Sometimes we do not bother to put extra effort when it comes to building up our spirituality, but when it is about social activities we are on top of our game and we can go extra mile to see that we achieve great success. Therefore, if we could spend much energy seeking the things of God as we spend chasing money and the things of this world, we will definitely become saints someday.

Opportunities to grow in our spirituality and acquire true and authentic treasures presents itself to us from time to time, but only those who are wise and alert in the spirit can find it and take advantage of it. If you do not take it when it comes, it will be wasted and squandered and you will never gain anything from it. Never waste any opportunity that would add something good to your life, for it will make you sad when you come to see what yiu would have gained if you had taken it when you had it.

God has placed us in charge of His goods and gifts and we must use it to do good and win friendship and souls for Him. Therefore, use God's gift in your position to do good and to bring glory and honour to His name. Help the poor and the needy, for your true wealth is not in what you possess, but in how well you make use of what you have to help others who are in need, who may one day come to be of help to you also.

Our true possession will be given to us in heaven, but how well we use what we have here on earth which God has given us to manage as stewards will determine what we shall get when we leave this world. We must be humble when making use of God's gift and we must not be selfish but selfless in using it to uplift others for the sake of God who has given it to us freely without charge.

We must never let opportunities to do good, help the needy, be holy, pray to God, grow in our spirituality, practise self denial and show true christian love to others pass us by. We must use it and make God proud and through our work many who are yet to know who He is will come to know and believe in Him. Spend your time and energy here on earth to do good things that will merit you a place in heaven instead of acquiring wealth and getting attached to the material things of this world and forgetting your God.

Good morning dearest one. Smile😊as you do your work and do have a magnificent day. May Jesus give you the grace to do the right thing always and to never waste your opportunity to bring honour to His name. Amen. *And may the Almighty God bless you: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Meditation: Romans 15:14-21/Psalm 98:1-4/Luke 16:1-8

Watch-Word: The Lord has shown His deliverance to the nations!

Any opportunity missed to do good and be like Jesus, may never come again, therefore, be wise and do not waste or squander the one you gave at the moment. Prudence is the key.

(Friday of the 31st Week in the Ordinary Time, Year 1)